Monthly promotions to watch out for

Monthly promotions to watch out for

At our Skincare Australia Clinics we love our monthly promotions, and we know you do too.

This month is certainly no exception.

From package specials to great prices on individual treatments.

We make sure to offer a wide range of specials each month.

Here are our January specials.


1ml Premium Lip Filler for $349

Dermal filler lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure to create fuller lips.

This can also result in the reduction of any fine wrinkles around the mouth.

It is paramount to us that we deliver natural looking lips.

The result of the lip filler can last anywhere from 6 months to 12 months.

Read more on our Lip Filler Treatment here.


Refresh Package – 1 mL premium filler PLUS 20 units wrinkle relaxer for $499

The January refresh package is our favourite package yet.

Wrinkle relaxers are used to rejuvenate the face and signs of ageing.

This treatment is effective and convenient.

The injection contains a muscle relaxant protein, which is a naturally occurring protein.

Read more on Wrinkle Relaxers here.


Lift And Plump – 2mL premium dermal filler for $900

We only use natural, sugar based dermal fillers for skin rejuvenation at Skin Care Australia.

These natural dermal fillers are much safer and have much less side effects than some synthetic fillers.

Our clear gel natural filler injections can plump up the skin and fill in wrinkles.

This great price will be hard to turn down.

Read more on our Natural dermal fillers here.


Plasma Treatment for $499 or package 3 treatments for $1,200

Otherwise known as PRP treatment, is a treatment that can regenerate skin cells using the client’s own blood.

It is a new approach appealing to patients seeking a more natural method to facial rejuvenation.

This treatment is a safe and tolerable procedure with celebrities including Kim and Kourtney Kadashian swearing by it.

As this treatment is new and exclusive to Skin Care Australia, this deal is at a great price.

Read more on our Plasma Treatment here.


Double Chin Treatment for $2,200

Our chin augmentation treatment can change the contours of your chin due to the injection of dermal fillers.

This treatment can subtly change the appearance of the chin area.

It can make the chin appear more chiselled, which is a common request from our male patients.

Read more on our Chin Augmentation treatment here.


DMK Enzyme Facial $150 Add Microdermabrasion for $49

The DMK Enzyme Facial is an incredible cinnamon and cassia peel mask.

It can be used effectively on inflamed acne and sluggish skin.

The antibacterial ingredients can flush out the skin, working on pigmented areas.

Read more on our DMK Enzyme Facial here.

With the facial you receive Microdermabrasion for just $49.

This is a treatment that is used to improve the texture and quality of your skin.

This treatment can be used in combination with other treatments which is great.


Dermapen Skin Needling $199 – Add Skin Peel Or 30min Microdermabrasion For $50

Our Dermapen Skin Needling is the world’s most advanced vertical skin needling technology.

The treatment can tighten, lift, rejuvenate and resurface the skin.

Multiple needles with a vibrating function gently pierce the skin, stimulating natural collagen reproduction.

Read more on Dermapen Skin Needling here.


Add our Skinpeel or a 30 minutes Microdermabrasion for only $50 when you receive your dermapen skin needling treatment.

At our Skin Care Australia Cosmetic Clinics in Westfield Whitford City and Westfield Carousel we offer treatments at great prices.

Our free consults are perfect to determine the best treatment to fit your individual skincare needs.

We also offer payment plans on all treatments.

Buy now and pay later, interest free.

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