Acne Scarring Treatment


Acne can lead to severe scarring. Acne scars appear due to the skin being unable to repair itself after an acne lesion goes away. As a result, the inflammation associated with the lesion can damage skin tissue causing it to collapse and leave a scar. This occurs in the dermis, which is the thicker part of skin immediately below its surface (the epidermis).

At Skin Care Australia we have a vast range of techniques for the treatment of acne scarring, including C02 laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, chemical peels, skin needling and dermapen. Our team are highly experienced in the treatment of acne scarring, we will assess your skin and help you decide which acne scarring treatment best suits you and your skin condition/type for best results.


Your acne scarring treatment plan is formulated after a thorough clinical assessment and is based upon the following factors:
• Type and severity of scarring
• Health and medical history
• Skin type
• Budget
• Social downtime

The cost of your acne scarring treatment depends upon the type and extent of your scarring. Furthermore, each patient is unique and requires a different treatment regimen. This is assessed during the initial consultation. A treatment is mapped out for each client and the cost can be assessed at this time.

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