Cosmetic Tattooing


Cosmetic tattooing is referred to as terms such as permanent make up, semi permanent makeup, micro pigmentation, brow/lip/eye liner tattooing. There are many different styles available using many different techniques or methods, using hand and machine methods to create unique results, tailored to each individual.

Results do vary, from client to client depending on lifestyle, medication and your own natural skin absorption.

Pigment can last up to 2 years or longer in the skin.

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  • To aid the healing process a post treatment cream is applied to the tattooed area for five days post treatment.
  • All tattooing and surrounding areas should be kept dry for 5 to 7 days, this includes, no swimming, saunas, steam, sweat or products on or around the area.
  • Do not use any cleansers, moisturisers or any other active products on the area.
  • When showering please take extra care to keep as dry as possible, as this will help the pigment settle into the skin for longer lasting results.
  • All tattoos will appear darker for the first week, then soften and lighten. Pigment will reappear around 4-6 weeks.
  • During the healing process you may experience some itchiness and little flaking in the first week.
  • Avoid skin treatments for the first two weeks post your initial and refinement visits.
  • A refinement visit is required 4-6 weeks post procedure.
  • Full fees apply 18 months after initial treatment or refinement treatment.
  • Full fees apply if previous work done by another tattooist

A topical aesthetic is applied before procedure, and during to decrease any pain or discomfort.

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You cannot have cosmetic tattooing during pregnancy, however you can immediately after birth. It is highly recommended 12 months after birth to let your body heal and rebalance hormones. If you are planning on falling pregnant, including actively trying for IVF, please wait until after birth.
  • Are you wanting to correct Asymmetry? Please mention this at time of booking as you may want to consider muscle relaxants two weeks before your treatment. Please note perfection is impossible.
  • Do you have exisiting cosmetic tattoo? Please mention previous cosmetic tattooing at time of booking. A consultation will be required before having treatment.
  • Please ensure wrinkle relaxers and dermal filler are performed 2 weeks before and after.
  • Have you had any problems with topical anaesthetic or injected anaesthetics before? You may require a patch test prior to treatment.
  • Do you have or have had any medical conditions? Please mention conditions prior to treatment.
  • Are you taking or recently taken any medications? Please mention medications, as some medications are contraindication to cosmetic tattooing, you may require a medical certificate from your doctor.
  • Do you suffer from cold sores or are you a carrier of herpes simplex virus? If you have your brows or eyelids tattooed it is unlikely that there will be any complications. If you are interested in having your lips tattooed it would be advised not to continue with the treatment as there is a high risk of cold sore breakout. This can cause scarring and effect healing process of your tattoo. Please discuss with your medical practitioner if you wish to continue with this treatment. You may like to prep by taking lysine tablets for at least two weeks before tattoo. You will need to take Fanvir tablets, both available from the pharmacy.
  • Are you a heavy bleeder or bruiser? If so, your healed results may be affected. Please check with your medical practitioner if you can take Arnica tablets, (small oral pills and not topical treatment) for 24 hours leading up to your treatment.
  • If you have HIV/AIDS please consult your medical practitioner and obtain and medical certificate that you can have the treatment and bring to the appointment with you.
  • Are you taking any supplements/herbal remedies? Fish oils thin the blood, which causes the wound to eject pigment. Therefore often results in poor tattoo retention. Please discontinue 7 days prior to procedure, preferably longer. If you have been advised to take these for medical reasons, never stop medication without your practitioners advice. If you can not stop due to medical reasons please mention.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or hormonal medications ( or any hormonal imbalance including thyroid) may cause cosmetic pigment to fade quicker and change in colour down to the pigments base tone.
  • Do you have a history of keloid scarring? You will need to have clearance from your doctor and sign a consent form.
  • Do you have any skin conditions near the area to be tattooed? Eczema, dermatitis etc please mention in consultation.
  • Do you have any moles/skin cancers near or in the area? Please make sure you have an up to date skin cancer check.
  • Are you using hair growth serums? Please refrain from using hair growth serums at least four months before cosmetic tattooing and four weeks after your refinement visit.
  • If you suffer from mental illness please mention including anxiety, depressing, bipolar, schizophrenia.
  • If you have any burns or sunburn in this area you must wait at least six weeks to allow the skin to heel.
  • Do you have any social events planned? It is advised to take this into consideration before booking as the tattooing takes 7 to 14 days to settle in appearance and 4 weeks to fully heal. You are unable to wear make up on the area and you are required to use post tattoo treatment cream for five to seven days after your treatment.
  • You cannot donate blood for 6 months after your cosmetic tattoo, this is a world wide regulation.
  • Avoid laser work, chemical peels, microdermabrasion for 2 weeks pre and post treatment.
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