Dermamelan Treatment at Whitfords and Carousel

Dermamelan Treatment | Skin Care Australia Whitfords and Carousel

Dermamelan Treatment at Whitfords and Carousel

Skin Care Australia is excited to announce that we now offer Dermamelan Treatment at Westfield Whitfords and Carousel.

Dermamelan is one of the most effective treatments when it comes to stubborn pigmentation. Following years of research, plastic surgeon Dr Krulig developed the dermamelan treatment.

What is Dermamelan Treatment?

Dermamelan is a de-pigmentation agent. This agent can be used to treat many skin complaints, including discolouration, pigmented spots and skin inflammations.

Specifically, these treatments include:


This is where the skin is patchy and dark pigmentation may be present.


Patchy brown or dark brown skin discolouration can be seen, most commonly on females following hormonal changes.


These are pigmented spots that are small and sharply circumscribed.

Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

Where the skin is excessively darkening at places where inflammation has occurred.

What to expect post Dermamelan Treatment?

Dermamelan can also reduce the size of pores, control greasy skin and improve the signs of photo-ageing. The treatment is pain free and no discomfort or irritation should occur. Dermamelan is a safe product, however depending on the patient there may be some side effects.

Skin Redness

The redness that may appear will all depend on the natural tone of your skin as well as your sensitivity to the treatment.

Flaking and Peeling of The Skin

This reaction usually happens during the first week. It can be ideal to do this treatment at a time where you don’t have work.

Finally, you can book a consultation to determine if this treatment is best for your skin. It is important to have all makeup removed for this.

After the treatment, it is important to apply moisturiser constantly. At our Skincare Australia Clinics we offer a wide range of moisturisers that can be applied after your treatment.

DMK products offer a deeply nourishing and hydrating feeling to the skin. DMK moisturisers are designed to be an effective treatment for very dry skin.

Our new Dermamelan treatment is only $1300. To book a consultation call one of our clinics today.

CAROUSEL 9351 8881

WHITFORDS 9401 3883

Dermamelan Treatment | Skin Care Australia Whitfords and Carousel

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