Detox tips for the new year

Detox tips for the new year

A new year can mean a new you, new resolutions and maybe even a new lifestyle.

It’s out with the old and in with the new for 2018.

If you’re wanting to clean out your inner body as well as your outer body, then a detox is one for you.

Here are 5 tips to kick start your 2018 detox.

1. Start Organic and Natural

Try to avoid pesticides and chemical products when you’re grocery shopping.

Try markets and organic stores where there are natural, organic products.

These products can give you the vital nutrients and vitamins your body will love.

2. Time to Neutralise your pH levels

It’s time to start introducing ingredients can help balance your pH levels including fruits, vegetables, lemon herbal teas and plant based proteins.

It is also important to try and get rid of coffee, alcohol, processed sugars and saturated fats if they are in your diet.

3. Hydrate yourself

Water is the number one detoxifier for the body.

Water can drain the body of any waste and toxins, so it’s important to drink up.

Aim for 3 litres of water throughout the day, you may start to see your skin glowing.

4. Breathe in and out

It’s not just about the foods and liquids entering your body during a detox.

Breathing techniques can help with your overall breathing pattern.

There are different breathing techniques to follow.

One technique includes middle-depth inhalation, which allows for greater intake of air by using the central part of the lungs.

Practise this everyday for a healthier breathing pattern.

5. Exercise is key

Whether its be walking, swimming, running or riding, exercise is the best way to release the toxin out of your body.

Your body is also re-energising while your exercising.

Try to aim for 30 minutes to an hour a day and don’t forget change up your exercise routine.

These tips are both simple and can help with your overall well being.

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