Makeup Tips for New Years Eve

Makeup Tips for New Years Eve - Skin Care Australia Clinics - Beauty Hacks

Makeup Tips for New Years Eve

If you’re a pro at throwing last minute looks together for the annual NYE party then it’s time to start thinking makeup looks.

New Years Eve is only days away.

That’s why we have 5 makeup tricks and ideas for those who are partying hard this year.

  1. Scotch Tape + Your Fave Eyeshadow

If you love your bold eye looks this beauty hack is for you.

Remember that tape you were using last week to rap presents.

Well we are going to need that back for this look.

Place a strip of tape at a 45-degree angle on the outer corner of each eye.

Then take a small brush and apply your mix of eyeshadows.

Carefully peel off the tape and you now have perfectly stencilled eyeshadow.

  1. Contour with Concealer

If you’ve ever made the wrong colour choice with your concealer, then it’s time to bring it back out from the cupboard.

To create that chiseled complexion we all want, grab that dark concealer.

Firstly trace the wand of your concealer across the cheekbones, jawbone and across the hairline.

If you love a slimming nose look then draw two lines on either side of your nose too.

  1. Set your makeup with Toning Spray

We all know New Years Eve is going to be a long day and night of celebrating.

This is why setting your makeup in place is a must.

Setting powder can be a great way to set your makeup however this can be time consuming and there is always the risk of flashback.

This is why using a toning spray will set your makeup and control the oil at the same time.

Spray your toner generously across the face after you have finished your makeup.

  1. Highlight with Shimmer

We all love an eyeshadow with amazing pigment.

When it’s the perfect colour for both your eyelid and your overall skin tone then we have a multipurpose eyeshadow on our hands.

Dip your finger into your eyeshadow then place your finger across the high points of your face.

This being your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow.

  1. Don’t underestimate blush

Don’t let the label of a makeup product fool you.

You can use makeup basically where ever you like.

If your getting tired of the same eyeshadow look then take a look at your blush.

Your blush can be used for a lot more then just a swipe across the cheeks.

Using a eyeshadow blender blush place your blush into the crease of your eyes.

Your NYE Makeup is now a gorgeous statement.

If you want to make sure your skin is makeup ready then take a look at our DMK range of skincare in store at our Whitfords or Carousel Skincare Australia Clinics.


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