Meghan Markle’s Beauty Secrets

Meghan Markle's Beauty Secrets | Skin Care Australia Clinics | Celebrity Blog

Meghan Markle’s Beauty Secrets

So the news we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, drum roll please… Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged!

This engagement hasn’t really come as a shock, because let’s face it we all knew it was coming.

Our expectation for the ring was dramatically high and no surprise, Harry exceeded that expectation.

Prince Harry designed the ring himself, with the centre diamond source from Botswana.

Harry revealed to BBC that the couple camped out under the stars in Botswana, in the early days of their relationship.

But just when you thought that was special, the diamonds on either side of the Botswana rock were sourced from a place closer to home.

The diamonds were from Princess Diana’s jewellery collection.

Harry told BBC it was a way “To make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together”.

Although we love hearing these sentimental details of the engagement, we also have to jump right into Meghan’s beauty secrets in the lead up to the wedding.

We have found that Meghan knows her stuff when it comes to the beauty side of things.

First of all Ms Markle swears by a good old facial. Meghan visits skincare expert Nichola Joss, when she wants to revitalise her face.

Meghan also added that the secret to keeping fresher skin is to not wear foundation.

Essentially all Meghan does is put on a little concealer, curl her lashes, apply mascara, grab a chap stick and brush on a little blush. This is what Meghan calls her 5-minute face.

Because travelling is an ongoing routine for Meghan, the actress has found a product she cannot leave for the airport without.

Tea tree oil, this life saver is not just for cuts or bites. Meghan uses the oil for break outs and to prevent oily skin.

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Meghan Markle's Beauty Secrets | Skin Care Australia Clinics | Celebrity Blog

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