TCA Skin Peel


TCA Skin Peel, also known as tri-chloroacetic acid, is one of the original skin rejuvenation peels. These peels are some of the strongest available. As a result, they are only recommended for skin types 1-3 (lighter ones). They are recommended for men and women of all ages wanting to improve moderate to severe sun damage and ageing.

TCA Skin peels can have a burning sensation when initially applied. However, the Enerpeel system has a built in local anaesthetic which makes the treatment much more comfortable. For even more comfort, we hold a cooling device over the treatment area. This results in an almost painless procedure.

Prior to having a TCA skin peel we recommend that the skin is primed with active ingredients for at least two weeks prior depending on the skin. This is to maximise peel outcomes and assist in speeding the healing time. It also reduces the risk of post peel complications. A specific skin care regime will be recommended to you at your initial consultation.

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