The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Beauty Hacks

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The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Beauty Hacks

The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is live to air this week! We thought it would be a fitting time to share The Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Beauty Hacks.

Whether it’s on or off the stage for these models, looking flawless is their career. You’re probably thinking, what a tiring job! Not when you know their beauty secrets!

Glowing skin and a flawless complexion can sometimes seem impossible, but the Victoria’s Secret Angels know how to overcome the impossible and we’ve got the memo right here.

Now we know a flawless complexion won’t always be the case, as humans we all have pores, lines and breakouts. But here are some handy beauty hacks to help redefine your skin’s glow.

Jasmine Tookes’ Beauty Hacks

Jasmine Tookes is onto her sixth show this year! The Victoria’s Secret Show was located in Shanghai this year, and the models had to recover from some very long flights.

Miss Tookes beauty hacks for this years show was taking hydration sheet masks for the long flights and once she’s off the plane she pops on a brightening mask.

To keep her skin silky smooth, she applies a lot of body oils and books regular skin pigmentation treatments like Photorejuventaion to eliminate dark spots, redness and plump the skin in the lead up to the show.

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Josephine Skriver’s Beauty Hacks

Josephine Skriver is up to her fifth Victoria’s Secret runway so hair removal is something that is imbedded into her routine leading up to the show. When asked if she lasers, shaves or waxes? Josephine’s response was “A solid combination of all.”

When it comes to having smooth looking skin, dry-brushing is Skriver’s go-to as well as a good old spray tan to help accentuate her muscle definition.

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Sara Sampaio’s Beauty Hacks

Sara Sampaio says that undergoing IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatment on her whole body a few years ago was the best decision she ever made, because she doesn’t have to worry when it comes to wearing lingerie on the runway.

To keep her skin glowing and fresh Sampaio cuts down on pizza, bread and pasta and eats a lot of chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables prior to the show.

Remember your diet can play a huge part in what you skin looks like! Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat lot’s of unprocessed sugar free foods to help avoid inflammation.

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